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Our agency offers free car insurance quotes from major online insurance companies in NJ, DE and PA. Buy your policy online in the comfort of your home or office. Some allow you to "Quote-Buy-Print-Drive" which is the most popular on our site. Use the zip code search below or click here to see companies listed with quote links. Or if you prefer a little money saving advice from our prescreened professional NJ independent agent click here for our NJ agents secure quote request form.

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In an order to assist New Jersey motorists in researching and comparing auto insurance companies and their rates that they charge for you to buy a policy, we have introduced a state of the art search facility that will take your zip code and match it with actual insurance companies that are targeting customers in your area of the state. The reason the zip code matters is because motorists in highly congested areas will be charged more simply for the rating territory that they currently reside in.

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  • To obtain accurate quotes before deciding to buy a policy you should get your current policy and look at your coverage's that you currently have. Do these coverage's meet your needs?
  • Be sure to come back here for another free quote after the New Jersey State Law that requires insurance companies to "Take All Comers" has expired. Additionally the entire state will have a new territory rating system which have a direct impact on your NJ auto insurance policy rates. It pays to shop around nowadays.